Frequently Asked Questions


How many boys can you house in a dorm room?
A. We have double and triple rooms available. There are only 4-9 triple rooms available so these are first come first serve.
B. Please list the names of the boys you want to room together in the ‘roommate request’ field on the application.
Do you have a Duke employee discount?
A. Yes, Duke employees can receive 10% of the camp base price (does not include extended day, ball, etc).
B. Please print out the application and mail it in with a note at the bottom stating the Duke Employees name and position.
C. Send in the payment minus the 10% of base price.
Do you run Girls camps as well?
The only camp we run that is co-ed is our spring break camp for boys and girls ages 5-12 in April. Other girls camps are run by the Duke women’s soccer head coach and information can be found at
What is the Top 100 seniors Program?
This is not an exclusive piece of the camp but an opportunity for rising seniors to talk with the staff about playing college soccer, the recruitment process, application process, and a tour of the campus if wanted. There will be a separate group discussion for those rising seniors interested.
Can my son take a tour of the campus during camp?
A. Yes. A schedule and sign up for these tours will be posted in the camp office. They can register via a website or have an office staff member schedule it for them.
B. The tours are on specific days and times determined by Duke and if it interferes with training, they must get permission from their camp coach.
My son is coming in a day early, can he stay in the dorms?
A. No, unfortunately there are camps before ours and we do not have access nor the staff to accommodate anyone in the dorms prior to the first day.
B. There is an onsite hotel that boys have stayed in in the past when coming in early. The R. David Thomas Conference Center is located on Duke’s west campus. Please call 919-660-6400.
My son is coming in early, can he use the camp shuttle to get him to the campus the day before camp?
A. No, unfortunately we only have shuttle service available on the first and last days of camp between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM on the first day and between 8:00AM and Noon on the last day.
B. They can book a taxi from RDU to the duke campus.
My son is 10 but will be 11 in the late summer or fall, can he still come to the overnight camp?
A. Yes! If you and he understand and are comfortable with him training with 11, 12 and possibly a few 13 year old then he is more than welcome to join.
B. We have had a couple of 10 year olds each year at camp and a lot of 11 year olds.
C. They can also come as a commuter (not stay in the dorms) if they want
Is the Duke coaching staff visible and involved during camps?
A. Yes, the head coach, assistant coach, and keeper coaches are a significant part of the camp and very visible.
B. The assistant coach and keeper coach are coaches at the camp and the head coach is walking around and watching every day.
Are there other college coaches at the camp?
A. Every year we have coaches from all over including from Division 1, 2, and 3 colleges, big clubs, international, etc.
B. Our Staff page on the website will have a list of coaches as they sign up.
What is your tax id number?
A. 26-1735391
B. A formal receipt can be sent to you by request.
Do we have to turn in our son’s medical form at the time of applying?
A. No, can you can send in the Medical/health form anytime up to the day of camp.
B. Remember it must be valid within the past year (12 months as of camp dates) and have a doctor’s signature.
C. A signed physical from earlier camps or sports can be used as long as it is still within the 12 months of our camp.
D. You can fax, scan and email, or mail the forms.
Do the boys bring their own linens and if so, what size?
A. Yes the boys are to bring extra-long twin sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels
B. There is laundry available on campus if needed. Have them bring quarters
What time is checkout on the last day?
A. Check out on the last day is between 10:00 and 11:00.
B. The boys will have their final games starting at 8:00 that morning and will finish by 10:30 ish.
C. All boys must be out of the dorm by noon via shuttle bus, taxi, or parent.
Where do the kids stay?
The boys are housed on Duke’s West campus and they can walk to the fields and cafeteria.
Are the dorms air conditioned?
A. We have one dorm that is air conditioned and can house around 240 kids. After that we may need to use an un-air-conditioned dorm for overflow. To guarantee an AC room you should register early!
Are the boys strictly supervised?
A. Yes! We have dorm supervisors for each floor along with the coaching staff and trainers that stay in the dorm.
B. They must be in their rooms by 10:00 and lights out by 11:00.
C. Each boy will receive a dorm key access card to get into the dorm and a key to use for their dorm room.
D. We ask for their cell phone number at registration incase we need to locate them.
E. They are not allowed to leave the campus without approval from the office and/or being signed out by an adult.