Overnight/College ID Camps


"The coaching I received and the atmosphere you provided was great. The informational session that

you hosted gave me a great insight to what I want for my college experience & soccer program"-Greg 

*For Boys Only* The goals of our camp are really quite simple. We want each of our students to learn new skills and improve those they already have, to learn how to train themselves on their own after they leave camp, and to learn how to make the best of their newly found skills with every team on which they play. We have developed an outstanding curriculum and hired and trained the best staff possible to clearly present it. Combine this with great competition and you get results not possible anywhere else.

Dates & Fees

Overnight Session I will be held July 6th - 8th, 2019.

  • Resident-Stay in Dorms: $645
  • Commuter: $545

Overnight Session II will be held July 9th - 11th, 2019.

  • Resident-Stay in Dorms: $645
  • Commuter: $545

**Staying for both sessions: night in between cost is $135 (supervision and food)

Camp ball purchases are pre-order only

 (A online convenience fee will be added upon registration)

Registration on the first day of camp is from 11:00-1:00. Early morning flights are best. We do not have housing if they come in a day early.

Camp ends on the last day between 11:00 and 12:00. We have to have all boys out of the dorm by noon. 

Duke Soccer Overnight Sample Daily Schedule

6:15 AM - Wake up

6:30 AM - Meet team for breakfast (first morning only)

6:45 AM - Breakfast

7:30 AM - Coaches Meeting

7:50 AM - Meet Team (Last morning @ 7:25AM for 8:00AM games)

8:00 AM - Go to training

8:15 - 10:00 AM - Team training and demo

11:30 AM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Meet team

1:10 PM - Go to training

1:30 - 2:45 PM - Team Training

3:00 - 4:30 PM - Rest

4:30 PM - Dinner

5:30 PM - Meet team and go to games

6:00 - 8:30 PM - Games

7:15 - 8:25 PM - Match analysis

8:30 - 8:45 PM - Camp evening meeting

8:45 - 9:45 PM - All Star games

9:30 PM - Dismiss campers (not playing in all star games).

11:00 PM - Lights out

What to Pack

Below is a list of suggested articles to bring to the residential camps, please read carefully:

  • rain jacket
  • sleeping bag or bed linens (dorm beds require FULL sheets) (including blanket), pillow
  • 1 pair soccer shoes (normal soccer shoes can be used both on  grass and on astroturf), 1 pair flat-soled shoes (regular sneakers, not high tops) to be worn for training and cafeteria use, shinguards.
  • watch - it is recommended that each camper bring an inexpensive watch to assist him in keeping on schedule.
  • three day supply of socks, underwear, shirts, shorts. (There are three training sessions per day. Laundry facilities are limited, so send enough clothes for twelve training sessions).  No 'dress clothes' are required.
  • a small bag to carry your ball, small towel, shoes, etc. to field
  • TOWELS, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, SUNSCREEN
  • BALL -  every camper MUST bring a ball to camp if he is not buying one at camp. Each camper is responsible for his own ball.
  • NOTE FROM PARENTS - If your son will be checking out of camp temporarily during the week (i.e., to go out with a relative), you must send a note giving permission for him to check out with the approximate date, time, and the name of the person with whom he will be leaving. No one may check out after the evening session begins @ 6:00 p.m.


  • $125.00 ***this amount could change** (CHECK ONLY) key deposit - is required AT REGISTRATION.  This key deposit will be returned to the camper at Check-out when he hands in his keys.        
  • the camp store and snack bar will be open in the afternoon and evening.

CAMP OFFICE: If you have a problem of any kind, you can come to the camp office (location of camp office will be posted in every dorm). We suggest that campers mark all belongings with name tags and LEAVE EXPENSIVE CAMERAS AND WATCHES AT HOME unless such items are deposited in the camp bank or office.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE SHOULD SUCH ITEMS BE LOST OR STOLEN. 

More Information

Please have your son bring a check made out to Duke Soccer Camp for $125 for the key deposit. When they return the key at the end they will get the check back.

We have a camp store available in the main dorms. We sell popcorn, ice cream, candy, snacks, pizza, Typical amount each kid uses is between $50 and $100.


Your son will need to take an Uber or a taxi to the campus upon arrival. Below is some helpful information about taxis. As we get closer to camp dates I will post the address on the website on where the taxi/uber service will need to bring and pick up the boys.

Because taxis are limited in Durham, you need to CALL by telephone ahead of time to arrange your travel. Typically a meter, starting with an initial fee of $3.60 and then $2.00 per mile after that, calculates the taxi fare. Airport taxis/shuttles generally charge a set fare from Durham to the airport, around $40 one-way from an off-campus apartment. Nowadays almost all companies accept major credit cards. Whenever you use a taxi or shuttle, you tip the driver 10-15% of the cost of the fare. We also recommend taking a taxi with a friend so you can split the fare. 

Cancellation Policy

The $75 registration fee is non-refundable.

After that, if you cancel 21 days prior to the start of camp you will get 100% refund after the $75 fee.

  • 21-15 prior is 75% back.
  • 14-8 prior is 50 %
  • 7-1 is 25% back.

No refunds on the day camp starts.


1.CHECK-IN: Please check in during the last half hour of registration (12:30-1:00). You will be given an access key card which will give you access to the exterior doors of the dorms where you will be able to go to rest during your free time.  Be sure to eat lunch at home on the first day before you come to check in.  Your first meal at camp will be dinner on registration day.

2. AFTER CHECK-IN: Please come prepared to play on the first day and to stay on the first day until 9:00pm. You will need soccer shoes, shinguards, a ball, towel, and sneakers (no high-tops) to wear in the cafeteria and for training.  You will also need a tote bag for this equipment, sunscreen, and a clean shirt and shorts.

3. ARRIVAL IN THE MORNING: Before you leave on the first day of camp, your coach will give you a hand-out telling you EXACTLY WHERE AND WHEN to meet him the next morning. You will meet your coach in a designated area outside the dormitory in the mornings, NOT AT THE FIELD.  Normal arrival time is approximately 8:00am.  (At check-in you will receive a map which shows the location of the dorms).

4. DEPARTURE IN THE EVENING: You will be picked up at 9:00pm at the gate that is near the concession stand at the main soccer stadium. If it rains, you will be picked up at 9:00 at the camp office (location will be told to you at registration). The person picking you up will have to sign you out each day.

5. DEPARTURE ON THE LAST DAY OF CAMP: All commuters will be ready to check out after their game on the last day of camp, usually between 10:00 and 11:00am. They will check out at the field.

6. MEALS: Lunch and dinner are provided for all commuters. The first meal at camp is dinner on the first day, so be sure to eat lunch at home before you come to registration.

7. STORING YOUR CLOTHES AND VALUABLES DURING THE DAY: You will be "buddied up" with another player who will be assigned by your coach. You will be able to use your buddy's room during the rest times. You can also use the Commons Rooms in the dormitories as a rest area.  Do not leave valuables in the Commons Rooms - you can check them in with the camp office.  IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS AT ANY TIME, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE CAMP OFFICE.  Lost and Found, emergency phone, etc. will be located in the camp office.

8. Health Form: You cannot play unless we have your health form on file.  If you have not yet sent us the health form, please bring it with you.